Soft-chip recycled equine bedding

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Soft-chip recycled equine bedding

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Lay-Soft Equine Horse & Animal Bedding is soft-chip bedding that has little movement, making it a hygienic, comfortable and warm bed for the animal.

Lay-Soft is processed on-site at Ron Hull Group’s Wood Recycling plant to form a clean, safe, highly absorbent and dust-free bedding especially suited for horses. The bedding has additional built-in insulation properties for keeping them warm. It is dust-extracted and super-absorbent - making it a cleaner, healthier solution for drier stables whilst also helping the "mucking out" process.

100% Recycled

Not only is it a great choice of animal bedding, but you’ll also be using an environmentally friendly product!
All of our Lay-Soft bedding is created from 100% recycled white wood.

Why use Lay-Soft bedding?

Perfect for horses...

  • Comfortable
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Dust-extracted
  • Liquids run through top layer to keep the horse dry
  • Sterilised without the use of chemicals
  • Low spore count

Perfect for owners...

  • Odour elimination reduces the smell of ammonia
  • 100% recycled from white wood
  • Soft chip bedding that stays put
  • Does not cling to either the horse or accessories
  • Super-absorbent makes mucking out easier
  • Does not attract vermin
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